Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a signed copy of the deck?

Yes! Please send an email to us by using the "Contact Us" button on the lower right hand side of this page with your request.

If you already own a first edition deck that you would like signed, you can mail the box's lid to the artist, who will mail it back!

There is something missing or damaged from my deck. Can I get replacements?

Yes, absolutely! Please send an email to us through the "Contact Us" button on the lower right hand side of this page with your request. If your deck arrives with a broken box or a misprinted card, we will send replacements free of charge. If a card has been damaged during regular use, a replacement card will be sent in exchange for the cost of postage.

You may be required to provide pictures of any damage.


Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, wholesale is offered for the decks! If you are interested in buying wholesale, use the "Contact Us" button on the bottom of the page. Please remember to include a link to your storefront!


Do you have a digital download of the book?

Yes! There is a QR code on the final page of the second edition's book that links to the PDF. For those with the first edition, please use the "Contact Us" button on the bottom of the page to request a copy of the PDF.


Is this cultural appropriation?

Cultural appropriation happens when aspects of an oppressed culture are stolen and used by a dominant culture outside of the context of its original meaning. Especially egregious examples of this with Native American culture would be a white person wearing a war bonnet at Coachella, or a football team using people as mascots. I carefully studied the cultures I mention in the work, and each story or object referenced is shown entirely within the context of their culture and retains its original meaning. This body of work is a tribute to the 574 Native Nations of North America, and it comes from a desire to understand and learn from the stories and the art they openly share.

The Oglala Lakota holy man Black Elk had a vision as a child. In this vision he saw his nation as a hoop of people. This hoop would be broken, his people would be scattered, and there would be so much suffering. His life's work would then be to help mend this hoop so it reformed as one again. And that his nation's hoop would become one of many that all connect together across the planet. The tree of life would grow in the center, and we would all be healed and be whole with the Earth again. I deeply believe in Black Elk's vision, and I think the mending begins with reverence and understanding. I try very hard to come from a place of mending with my work. The stories that the people from the 574 nations tell are shared by them for a reason. We must return to the Earth if we are to survive. We must do this work now, and we must do it together.

If it still feels appropriative, I ask then how are we to mend broken hoops without wanting to connect to each other? Without the work that goes into understanding? Without being human and making mistakes and learning from them? It would be impossible to do that work with barriers that keep us from exploring the lives and perspectives of others. Art is my way of exploring and understanding, and it is a deeply personal journey. I will not censor my exploration and education into the ideas and spaces that I am guided to because no personal or societal progress will ever be made if we take a path of avoidance. I could have done better work in some of the Major Arcana, but those were the first cards I made. I feel confident that all of the Minors which contain Native lore or imagery were true to the people who shared them, and true to the original spirit they come from.

I also give to Native American non-profits designed to benefit Native Americans and the environment. I do not plan to have children, so my goal is to leave a legacy of mending which will continue supporting these causes after I'm gone. I do welcome any criticism or suggestions for how I can better serve Native American communities. Being human means making mistakes and learning from them. So please teach me, I want to always grow and be a better human.